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Showing the love

I’ve been to Amsterdam and Paris this past week. Planes, trains and automobiles, and trams and metros were all used. And despite being an intense 48 hours they were pretty productive too – albeit I managed to find time for a walk along Amsterdam’s … [Read more]

Different needs. Same desire

Two very interesting meetings with two very different firms this week, but both of which seek the same outcome - a deeper international reach. The first firm is a global giant, but which is now taking a more structured approach to Africa. The firm … [Read more]

Slowly catching up

The website is a bit bare currently, apologies for that. Obviously with a new site it takes a while to migrate all the old content across - so the archive will be populated (or re-populated) over the next weeks and months. And for a firm focused … [Read more]


Finally - the website has gone live. Hooray. … [Read more]